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Submission Instructions

For your initial submission, please use our Word Template (DOT) to provide your entire manuscript, including tables and figures, within a single text document. Here you can download a word template. Submit the manuscript as MS Word DOCUMENT (*.DOCX / *.DOC) or RICH TEXT FORMAT (.RTF).

All articles will be double-blinded reviewed. Two reviewers will evaluate the articles. In case of a negative evaluation and a positive one an additional reviewer will be asked.

After being accepted the article will be finally formatted by Landscape Online and published directly after the final proofs of the authors at Landscape Online.

Title page

The manuscripts must be introduced by a title page containing the title of the article as well as full name, positions, addresses of all authors. This page is for internal use only and will not be published.

Article format

Please note, that only manuscripts that comply with the scope and the style of Landscape Online will be accepted for publication. Articles that do not meet the criteria outlined in these instructions may be rejected.

Title of the article

The title of contains:

Title (Calibri 24pt, bold)

names of the authors (Calibri 14pt, bold)

authors’ institution, address, and email address (Calibri 10pt)


The abstract should summarise the main ideas and results of the article. It should not exceed 200 words. (Calibri 12pt.)

Main Text

Please use Calibri letters, 12pt, 1.3 pt spacing

First paragraphs should be Calibri letters, 13pt, bold, with 2pt spacing to the text

Second order paragraphs should be Calibri letters, 12pt, italics, with 1.5pt spacing

First and second paragraphs should be centred.

Numerals and Units of Measure

Use metric and Celsius units. Use the decimal point (e.g. 3.45). Please write out all numbers up to twelve, all other number as digits.


For genera, species, and varieties use italics, but not for classes, orders and families.

Figures, Photographs and Tables

Figures and photographs are named under figure, tables under table. Use the abbreviations Fig. and Tab. only within the text. Every figure must have a subtitle, any table a header (Calibri 10pt., 1pt spacing. Figures and Tables should be of high quality and they should be insert as .eps, .png or .tif-files with a resolution of 300 dpi. All figures and tables should be implemented in the text.


All reference within the text should be formatted like the text. Up to two authors should be named within the text. From three authors on use the first author and et al.

Examples to cite in the main text:

(Bork et al. 1998)
(Naveh & Liebermann 1994)

Examples to cite in the reference chapter

Bork, H.-R.; Bork, H.; Dalchow, C., Faust, B.; Piorr, H.-P. & Schatz, T. 1998. Landschaftsentwicklung in Mitteleuropa. Klett-Perthes, Gotha – Stuttgart.

Naveh, Z. & Liebermann, A. 1994. Landscape Ecology. Springer, Berlin – Heidelberg – New York.

Monographs published in a series:

Löffler, J. & Wundram, D. 2003. Geoökologische Untersuchungen zur Prozessdynamik mittelnorwegischer Hochgebirgsökosysteme. Oldenburger Geoökologische Studien 2. Oldenburg.

Collected Edition:

Müller, F. & Leupelt, M. (eds.) 1997. Eco targets, goal functions, and orientors. Springer, Berlin – Heidelberg – New York.

Bastian, O. & Steinhardt, U.  (eds.) 2002. Development and perspectives of landscape ecology. Kluwer, Dordrecht.
Article in a collected edition

Müller, F. & Wiggering, H. 2003. Erfahrungen und Entwicklngspotentiale von Ziel- und Indikatorsystemen. In: F. Müller & H. Wiggering (eds.): Umweltziele und Indikatoren. Springer; Berlin – Heidelberg – New York.

Article in a journal:

Lenz, R.J.M. & Beuttler, A. 2003. Experiences with GIS-based planning tool for spatial eco-balances. Environmental Modelling and Software 18, 581-585.

Duttmann, R.; Fleige, H.; Horn, R. & Bach, M. 2004. Landschafts- und Bodenentwicklung im Raum Goldelund (Schleswiger Geest) unter Berücksichtigung der Winderosion. Ecosys 41, 131-151.

Internet sources:

Steinhardt, U. 2000. Mensch und Natur – Gedanken zum Landschaftsbegriff und zum Umgang mit Landschaft. (Date: 22.10.2006).