Freitag , 19 Juli 2019

Article Categories

Research Article
Original Articles summarize and examine in-depth important aspects of landscape (ecological) research both, a specific project, model or a theory on landscape. There is no further regulation as to the structure of the article. But all articles should have a clear scientific structure and respective results (in case of a model or empirical study)/conclusions (in case of a more theoretical contribution).

Short paper
Short papers refer to a short presentation of a new method/methodology/model that needs further empirical testing and elaboration but should be introduced in the scientific community to foster discussion. The short paper can be upgraded in length and comprehensiveness to a Research Article after a round of reviews and opinion gathering. The review time is limited and permits fast progress. Short papers could be a typical part of PhD research.

Reviews give a critical overview of recent publications and comprehensive state-of-the-art knowledge on a specific topic/topic area in landscape (ecological) research. Reviews elaborate major research questions, indicate research gaps, and suggest future research directions. They typically base on a web-based database survey and analysis to grab the state of the art comprehensively.

Ideas present new concepts, methods, methodologies, models, approaches, or theoretical aspects in landscape (ecological) that should be further discussed within the scientific community. There are no restrictions to the structure of Ideas presented, but submissions must clearly present what the novelty is. Ideas need to be well derived from recent literature. Furthermore, advantages and disadvantages of the presented Idea must be discussed.