Freitag , 19 Juli 2019

Aims and Scope

Landscape Online focuses on studies dealing with landscape research. The subject matter deals with any scientific, educational or applied aspect of processes, dynamics, indicators, controllers and visions related to landscapes. Furthermore, Landscape Online emphasizes the coupling of societal and natural systems, not only the involvement of human impact on landscape systems but also human perception of the landscape, its values and the evaluation of landscapes. Moreover, articles are appropriate that deal with landscape theory, system approaches and conceptual models of landscape, both their improvement and their discussion. Papers may be undisciplinary or multidisciplinary but have interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary appeal. All kinds of articles or parts of it must not be published beforehand in another journal.

Landscape Online offers an innovative platform for didactical sound and high quality multimedia publications. The editorial wishes to support new innovations of presenting scientific results. Authors are able to add supplementary material to their articles, like data download, but also for multimedia content – a video module enables to implement animations like spatio-temporal sequences, a slide module enables to implement Powerpoint presentations. In addition, a map module enables to give a spatial index to each articles, f.i. to georeference research areas.

English, as the most common scientific language is the main language of this journal. Additionally, to offer readers and authors a wide spectrum of regional and national circuit, all other languages might be considered, as far as reviewers can be acquired and the topic is of less general international importance. In this case. at least, summary and captions of all figures and tables must additionally be written in English.