Montag , 24 Juni 2019

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Visual Scale and Naturalness of Roadside Vegetation Landscape. An exploratory study at Pargua Highway, Puerto Montt – Chile

Over the last few decades, the Chilean Government has constantly promoted the construction of private highways in order to increase the effectiveness in terms of transportation of goods and people all along the country. In this way, heavy road infrastructures, landscape fragmentation, loss of endangered animals’ habitat, loss of visual quality, and a decrease of biodiversity patches have emerged. Despite …

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Comparing Conservation Value Maps and Mapping Methods in a Rural Landscape in Southern Finland

We tested to what extent conservation value maps are different if the valuation and mapping method is changed. We compared 66 different conservation value and 4 different ecosystem service maps. Using remote sensing and other georeferenced data, we produced 2 different habitat type maps, which were 50 % similar. We valued each mapped habitat type based on rarity corrected potential number of vascular …

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