Freitag , 19 Juli 2019

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Ecology, Resilience and Management RESEARCH ARTICLE

Are interest groups different in the factors determining landscape preferences?

In the last decades, rural landscape in Europe has evolved from an agricultural by-product to an important public good. This development creates not only new challenges to farming practices, it also makes participation and public involvement an indispensable tool for sustainable landscape planning. This is especially true for many European mountain regions, where tourism represents an important source of income …

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Scenario Methodology for Modelling of Future Landscape Developments as Basis for Assessing Ecosystem Services

The ecosystems of our intensively used European landscapes produce a variety of natural goods and services for the benefit of humankind, and secure the basics and quality of life. Because these ecosystems are still undergoing fundamental changes, the interest of the society is to know more about future developments and their ecological impacts. To describe and analyze these changes, scenarios …

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