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Visual Scale and Naturalness of Roadside Vegetation Landscape. An exploratory study at Pargua Highway, Puerto Montt – Chile

Over the last few decades, the Chilean Government has constantly promoted the construction of private highways in order to increase the effectiveness in terms of transportation of goods and people all along the country. In this way, heavy road infrastructures, landscape fragmentation, loss of endangered animals’ habitat, loss of visual quality, and a decrease of biodiversity patches have emerged. Despite …

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A Renewed Approach to the ABC Landscape Assessment Method: An Applicaton to Muntanyes d’Ordal, Barcelona Metropolitan Area

The aim of this paper is to describe a renewed approach to the ABC landscape assessment method, a procedure that undertakes landscape approach considering abiotic (A), biotic (B) and cultural (C) elements shaping the landscape. This new method is organized in three nested multi-scaled levels defined with high accuracy (1:10,000; 1:20,000; 1:25,000), it combines holistic and parametric approaches and it …

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Ecosystem Services RESEARCH ARTICLE

Ecosystem Service Potentials, Flows and Demand – Concepts for Spatial Localisation, Indication and Quantification

The high variety of ecosystem service categorisation systems, assessment frameworks, indicators, quantification methods and spatial localisation approaches allows scientists and decision makers to harness experience, data, methods and tools. On the other hand, this variety of concepts and disagreements among scientists hamper an integration of ecosystem services into contemporary environmental management and decision making. In this article, the current state …

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