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Opportunites for Integrated Landscape Planning – the Broker, the Arena, the Tool

Landscape Online | Volume 55 | 2017 | Pages: 1-20| DOI:10.3097/LO.201755 | Published: Dezember 20th, 2017


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Opportunites for Integrated Landscape Planning – the Broker, the Arena, the Tool

Julia Carlsson1*, Gun Lidestav1, Therese Bjärstig2, Johan Svensson3, Eva-Maria Nordström3

1)Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dep. of Forest Resource Management, Skogsmarksgränd, SE-90183 Umeå, Sweden

2) Umeå University, Dep. of Political Science, SE-90187 Umeå, Sweden

3)Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dep. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, Skogsmarksgränd, SE-90183 Umeå, Sweden

* Corresponding author:

As an integrated social and ecological system, the forest landscape includes multiple values. The need for a landscape approach in land use planning is being increasingly advocated in research, policy and practice. This paper explores how institutional conditions in the forest policy and management sector can be developed to meet demands for a multifunctional landscape perspective. Departing from obstacles recognised in collaborative planning literature, we build an analytical framework which is operationalised in a Swedish context at municipal level. Our case illustrating this is Vilhelmina Model Forest, where actual barriers and opportunities for a multiple-value landscape approach are identified through 32 semi-structured interviews displaying stakeholders’ views on forest values,ownership rights and willingness to consider multiple values, forest policy and management premises, and collaboration. As an opportunity to overcome the barriers, we suggest and discuss three key components by which an integrated landscape planning approach could be realized in forest management planning: the need for a landscape coordinator (broker), the need for a collaborative forum (arena), and the development of the existing forest management plan into an advanced multifunctional landscape plan (tool).

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